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Eating Plans

Select the correct eating plan that suits your needs and requirements. Join the JVL Health movement and become part of the tribe.

JVL Health and Fitness products

We specialize in:
Nutrition advice and plans, training advice and plans, pregnancy wellness guidance and products, supplementation schedules and products, tanning and anti-ageing products and related sports apparel.

Getting into the ultimate shape is not just a goal but a lifestyle at JVL. Let us assist you in reaching your wellness success because with us you will not be allowed to settle for anything less than your ultimate best.

Not sure where to start? Read our FAQ first or choose what collection suits your goal, and start with one of our basic stacks in that collection. 

What collection suits my goal?

What is your main goal? Click on the goals below to see which of our products will be able to assist and be best suited for you. 

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Want to know what's working for the JVL tribe? See our feature stacks below to help you to the right start.


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