In this series Melinda Bam will challenge celebrities Alvin Bruinders and Gerhard Steyn to completely transform their bodies.


Over thirteen weeks Alvin and Gerhard will completely transform their bodies through various exercise regimes under the watchful eye of fitness guru Melinda. Each episode will be broken in to a theme that will give Gerhard and Alvin different ways to train to reach their targets.

For instance training like a rugby player, training like the military, outdoor endurance course, professional racing driver, etc.

Gerhard and Alvin both have let themselves go a bit over the past years, and have also had changes in their personal lives.

They are both fathers now, and want to pursue a healthier lifestyle to be there for their children and be there for their milestone achievements. Alvin wants to be more active and fit.Alvin wants to be more active and fit. Gerhard wants to get his body in shape and look more confident.

Each episode will have a weigh in on state of the art machines that can monitor their gains and losses within percentages. These percentages allow us to measure Gerhard against Alvin to see who has done the best during their week of training.

Melinda Bam

International model and beauty pageant titleholder.

She was crowned Miss South Africa 2011, becoming the official representative of her country to Miss Universe 2012.

Alvin Bruinders

‘n Afrikaanse akteur, komediant, seremoniemeester, radio-omroeper en sanger.

Hy is veral bekend vir sy rolle in TV-programme soos Vetkoekpaleis, Gautengaleng, en Stoute Boude.

Gerhard Steyn

a South African Afrikaans singer, songwriter and guitarist.

It was with his album breekbaar that gained him fame with hugely popular hits like “Baby Tjoklits”, “Sexy Jeans”, and “Pennies en Ponde”.

Melinda Bam help vir Gerhard en Alvin om teen ou gewoontes te baklei. Hulle word afgerig deur twee van Suid-Afrika se gevaarlikste MMA-vegters en laat hulle vuiste die praatwerk doen in die kryt.

Skud dit af bring vir Alvin Bruinders en Gerhard Steyn terug VIA toe. Die keer skuif die twee pelle die wegneemetes eenkant, en fokus hulle op gesond eet en gewig verloor.

Supplementary Help

Apart from the training Gerhard and Alvin will also be placed on a course of supplements that will help them to break down the fat even faster and build the muscle quicker than they would just through a normal training regime.