Shi Shi Baby Swimming Neck Ring

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  • Physical, neurological and psychological benefits. 
  • Educating baby on water safety and becoming accustomed to swimming and their surroundings as well as getting used to their own body space. 
  • Water play made easy. 
  • Learn to move and control the body with the help of water's buoyancy.
  • Gives baby a sense of comfortability in the water.


NEVER leave your baby unattended. This is merely an aid to assist baby to gain faster developmental skills and it's not meant to replace the consistent adult supervision which the parent must provide.
Keep all packaging materials away from the baby after opening.
Inflate the chamber of the floatie. Close the valve and push securely into the floatie to lock the air inlet. Makes sure no air is escaping anywhere on the floaty.
Prior to, each use, place the floatie on the baby, completely immerse the inflated floatie into a large container of water such as in the bathtub or sink (clear, no bubbles) to check for any air bubbling from the floatie that may indicate air leakage. If any leakage occurs, do not use the floaty with baby. Squeeze floatie gently to check for complete firmness.
Unbuckle the adjustment straps and open the floatie outwards so that it can be placed around the baby's neck. Do not force the floaty onto the baby.
Secure the baby's chin on the chin support and do not let mouth submerge into the water. Make sure no water lingers on the inside of the floaty close to the babies' neck and mouth. Position adjustment buckle at the back of the baby's neck and then buckle. Make sure that your index finger cannot easily fit in between the baby's neck and the inner rim of the Shi-Shi. It should feel snug but also not squeeze baby in any way so as to prevent proper and easy breathing.
Do not let baby strongly kick the bottom of the tub while using the floatie. Doing so might cause them to flip over. This aid assists baby to float and lightly swim only.
Baby's body should be entirely immersed in water with feet softly touching the bottom of the tub and standing upright should be easily accomplished if baby is comfortable and at an age where standing is safe.
Adjust the water temperature to the temperature suitable for a baby's bath time and as recommended by pediatricians.
Place the baby in and out of the water only by holding onto the baby's body. Never hold the baby by the floatie - EVER.
Do NOT turn your eyes away from the baby while the baby is in the water and stay within arm's length.
The baby should not stay in the tub with the Shi-Shi for longer than 20 consecutive minutes at most. In the beginning only 5mins are recommended.
When in doubt, take the Shi -Shi off and try again later if any when baby is ready to show you they want to swim with this aid.
If you have an active baby who likes to kick and jump around the tub causing the Shi-Shi to hit the sides of the tub with force, move to a bigger tub. Like with any inflatable product, to much and repetitive force can cause the air valves to unlatch, the seams to break, buckles to unlatch, or cause other damage that will weaken the product. If baby becomes used to swimming with this aid, baby might want to become more adventurous. Add some bath toys to keep baby in a relaxed mind set and monitor babies progress to make sure baby does not swim too comfortably so as to get hurt by bumping into the sides of the tub.


WARNING: Drowning hazard. This is not a lifesaving device or swimming aid.
To prevent serious injury or death, never leave child unattended and always stay within arm's reach of the baby while in water.
Check for air leakage and firmness of the Shi-Shi –this is critical to ensure the structural integrity of the Shi-Shi and to prevent accidents.
DO consult with physician prior to use.
DO NOT use if the baby has motor developmental concerns such as airway, digestive or oral/facial anomalies, any current respiratory or gastrointestinal illness, or any other serious medical condition.
DO NOT use if the baby has severe eczema or skin allergies or if baby is premature the suggested timeline for use should at least be adapted in accordance with a full-term baby.
DO NOT use for babies who are less than 8 weeks old. Minimum weight is 4 kg. Maximum baby weight is 15 kg.
DO NOT use in turbulent or flowing waters. Use only in a controlled water environment.
DO NOT allow baby to be splashed on, tipped over, or placed near any fixture that can potentially strike the baby or tip baby over. Make sure no water lingers on the Shi-Shi so as to prevent drowning and unnecessary swallowing of water by baby.
DO NOT lift baby by the neck float. Adult must hold baby's body when lowering or lifting baby in and out of water.
DO NOT use more than 20 minutes (initially only 5mins) at any one time. DO NOT use within 1 hour of feeding the baby either.
DO NOT over inflate or use high-pressure air to inflate.
DO NOT give baby any accessories and/ or toys that can potentially damage or puncture this product.

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