These super nutrients intensely fuel and prime the functioning and development of your brain neurons, cells, muscles fibers, digestive system, joints and skin while simultaneously detoxifying and strengthening your system’s defenses against virus attacks.

A fountain of youth and potent rejuvenator!

One convenient scoop of SUPERFOOD is loaded with potent phytonutrients from berries and vegetables

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Take 1 heaped scoop (7.2g) in half a glass (100ml) of water daily at breakfast time or add a scoop to your smoothie or shake. SUPERFOOD can also be taken at any time of day or night when your body demands a mental or physical boost, such as before important meetings, exams or physical exercise.
Super Berry Complex/Brain-Skin-Cellular Rejuvenator/Protectant
  • Organic Freeze-dried Blueberry (3000mg), Amla Berry Extract (100mg)
Super Greens Complex/High Potency Antioxidant/DNA Protectant Complex
  • Spirulina (300mg),  Broccoli Sprout extract standardised for 1% sulforaphane (150mg) Selenium (Selenomethionine)(75mcg)
Super Prebiotic-Probiotic/Gut Health/ Immunity booster
  • Organic Oat Flour (500mg), Colostrum (100mg), Lactobacillus sporogenes (200 million CFU)
Energy/Hydration and Glycogen Matrix
  • Organic Coconut blossom nectar extract (3000mg)
  Other Ingredients: Stevia Leaf Extract
Energy(KJ): 101KJ Protein(g): 0.42g Carbohydrates(g): 54g of which total sugar(g): 4.6g Total Fat(g): <0.01g of which saturated fat(g): <0.01g Selenium (Selenomethionine): 75mcg