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R 350.00

Whether you are hoping to lose water weight as part of a weight-loss goal or want to decrease water retention in order to achieve a healthy fluid balance in the body. Water Shed is a safe, natural and effective product that will assist in meeting your goals. Water Shed Natural contains an effective combination of natural plant extracts that will gently and safely increase the elimination of excess fluid. This amazing product also contains a combination of electrolytes which will assist in maintaining healthy electrolyte levels in the body. This is very important as electrolyte levels can be depleted whilst shedding excess water.

R 490.00

Use the JVL Slim Protein Vegan shake as a daily diet support. It will assist you in fueling your body with sustained energy,  keeping you full and body toned. It is a power mixture of high-quality proteins, low carbs, vitamins and minerals that will support your body with weight loss, lean muscle gain, energy levels and sustaied menntal focus in one of the healthiest possible ways.

Isolate Slender Dessert with Collagen

R 490.00R 790.00
R 490.00R 790.00

Our Delicious Isolate Protein Dessert is a unique dietary Nutritional shake that we developed to nourish your body with premium raw ingredients sourced from all over the world.

R 450.00

Shreds fat and enhances definition. This is achieved through specific localised receptor targeting, which burns fat in stubborn areas of male and female physique.