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Achieve your goals fast with speedy weight loss, toning and sculpting of your body. Gain some rock hard abs whilst not being concerned with bloating seeing as this stack combats bloating.  Enjoy healthy skin, hair and nails with added energy to make your day that much easier. 

In the collection you will receive:

  • A balanced and healthy meal plan with no added sugar or processed food;
  • Basic recipes to alternate;
  • A training program consisting of a weights and cardio combo with a stretch plan included;
  • A nutrition plan combined with a guideline on how to consume the supplements.

Use the following product combination:


R 390.00

Creatine is 100% natural and is produced to supply our muscles with energy. It improves endurance levels and enhances recovery as well as accelerated muscle gains.

Isolate Slender Dessert with Collagen

R 490.00R 790.00
R 490.00R 790.00

Our Delicious Isolate Protein Dessert is a unique dietary Nutritional shake that we developed to nourish your body with premium raw ingredients sourced from all over the world.

R 290.00

This premium strength Omega 3 supplement contains precise levels of EPA and DHA because these two Omega fatty acids are the most difficult to obtain in a normal diet that does not consist of oily marine fish.

R 399.00

A joint repair product designed for daily use with its  primary focus of providing nutrients that the body will actively use to rebuild the joint cartilage matrix and other soft tissues which are needed to maintain the musculoskeletal system in prime athletic condition.

R 399.00

A joint and soft tissue repair and recovery product with a primary focus on combatting acute pain and inflammation, while  stimulating the repair and recovery process.

R 399.00


JVL LIVE probiotic is a Liquid Probiotic, benefiting the body from the mouth to the colon. It provides 7 different strains of Probiotics and it is a WHOLE CULTURE – NOT SPINNED OUT CELLS. When multiple probiotic strains are used in a Probiotic product for supplementation.

You workout hard! Your muscles become fatigued, sore and breakdown. Your mind is strong and you’re driven for another quality
workout, however, due to residual fatigue, you can’t properly respond. JVL strength and endurance collection contains a balanced
mix of naturally occurring amino acids, isotonic and hydration minerals for rapid muscle recovery. These amino acids and minerals
quickly absorb for proper muscle repair, rebuilding, recovery. To become stronger is your key to quicker recovery from workout to workout!

R 390.00

It comprises of 60% free form amino acids found in the skeletal muscle. Glutamine plays a very important role in metabolism as well as increased recoverability after a work out, enhances immune function and boosts growth hormone levels.

BCAA / Amino Acid

R 390.00
R 390.00

JVL BCAA Formula has been developed to combine the scientifically determined 2:1:1 ratio of Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine with powerful synergistic vitamins to assist exercise performance and endurance, recovery from exercise, muscle building and maintaining lean muscle mass while dieting.

Goal specific supplements

Gaba Complex

R 350.00
R 350.00

An amino acid based neurotransmitter that helps lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, treat sleep disorders and increase natural growth hormone production.

R 450.00

LEAN MUSCLE is your best choice for naturally increasing your own testosterone levels.

ZMA is a unique, patented all-natural mineral support formula which ensures optimum testosterone production in the body. The potent bioflavonoid Chrysin has been integrated into the formula for its anti-estrogenic properties. Chrysin inhibits the aromatase enzyme, thereby ensuring less testosterone is converted to estrogen. Chrysin has also been shown to lower cortisol levels in athletes, thereby enhancing muscular recuperation.

R 895.00

A Holistic and natural new generation releaser, with anti-aging compounds to rejuvenate and revitalize your system.

AGE-LESS Releaser contains a propriety combination of amino acids, nutrients, and peptides all scientifically are proven to kick-start your pituitary gland and encourage your body to safely and naturally, restore the hormone levels of your health.


This will be a complete body sculpting program for you and anyone that wants to loss weight, tone up , build lean muscle and sculpt their body, it will give you healthy skin, strong hair and nails and leave you feeling and look amazing with loads of energy to take on your day.