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Felix utilises a clinically studied, high potency, proprietary extract of saffron. This exclusive extract provides:

Felix provides an innovative solution which is:
Balance Brain Chemistry with Saffron
Chemical antidepressant drugs are taken by 11% of Americans, 90% of whom suffer at least one of the numerous adverse effects that range from convulsions to abnormal bleeding to sexual dysfunction.
An increasing number of studies demonstrate that saffron treats depression with equal success but without risky side effects.
Research reveals that saffron also successfully treats other conditions for which antidepressant medications are used including anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Research evidence now shows that when saffron is added to the regimen of male and female patients already taking antidepressants, it reverses some of the sexual side effects associated with these drugs.

The use of Curcumin in Depression

It has always been believed that the primary cause of depression was connected to disturbances in monoaminergic neurotransmissions, specifically serotonin. Modern research has indicated that major depression is in fact connected to multiple biological disturbances, these include:
Dysregulation of hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. Immune-inflammatory pathways.
Mitochondrial dysfunction.
Neuroprogression - pathological reorganisation of the central nervous system.
Oxidative stress.

With this in mind it then makes sense to consider treatments for depression which not only target serotonin but the array of other disturbances. Curcumin, one of the most studied phytochemicals of today has been shown to: Modulate immuno-inflammation by acting on COX-2 and NF-kB and lowering. pro-inflammatory cytokines. Modulate HPA activity.
Influence monoamine transmission through serotonin and dopamine activity.
Act as a neuroprotective.

A meta-analysis of six published human clinical studies comparing curcumin to placebo concluded that. curcumin appeared to be safe and well tolerated with significant clinical efficacy in reducing symptoms of depression. In three of the studies significant anxiolytic effects were also noted.

30 mg high concentration saffron extract (3% crocin, 2% safranal) per capsule

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