JVL stands for “Just Victorious Living” which in essence encompasses the mantra of our company which was founded almost twenty years ago.

JVL’s core belief, is that physical health will flow through and lead to financial wealth, spiritual health and so much more it’s not just about training hard, eating right or using the right supplementation – it’s about even more than that, and JVL has been at the forefront of bringing athletes, corporate individuals, housewives and just the entire family closer to their wellness goals. JVL is a holistic lifestyle brand with a difference.

The advice gained from a professional athlete’s perspective is part of the JVL gift we offer our JVL tribe members. We refer to our clients as our tribe. You need a tribe surrounding you to achieve greatness and we at JVL, live for creating exactly that.

With in-house advice and regulation of our clients’ progress, JVL is a leader in this Industry. Advice that has been proven to sculpt results for everyone from pregnant ladiesfitness gurus or corporate individuals, you will be sure to find the products and specialist advice to suit your need.

We have maintained financial strength over the past 20 years and we have grown exponentially over this time. Our experience shows in the services we offer our customers. Our customers become clients for life and eventually, this flows through into their families. Each client has unique requirements.

Welcome to the Tribe

The retail outlets specialize in: Nutrition advice and plans, training advice and plans, pregnancy wellness guidance and products, supplementation schedules and products, tanning and anti-ageing products and related sports apparel.

Whats your goal?

With years of experience and industry knowledge, JVL has guided and changed many lives. To enable you to reach your goal –  is our passion and the foundation our business is built on.

Want to lose some excess weight? Our weight loss product range is best suited.

Need to bulk up but still maintain your body’s muscle tone?

Need to perform better, train harder or recover from an injury?

Be that person who ages well and whose condition improves as time passes.

Need to lose some weight post pregnancy?

Need an extra boost or some energy at work? You and your team will benefit greatly.

Founders and our Brand Leaders

JVL Wellness & Lifestyle Boutique Centres in South Africa

Jacques van der Linde

Founder & President of the JVL Group

Jacques Van Der Linde is the owner and founder of JVL Wellness & Lifestyle Boutique Centers in South Africa.

He is the fitness “go-to” guy and his qualifications as a master specialist in the wellness industry have led him to international accolades being added to his portfolio.

Angelique van der Linde

Vice President and Fitness Coach

This fitness “Angel” has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Known for her involvement in the fitness & lifestyle boutique shops, JVL Wellness & Lifestyle Centers, and distribution hubs situated across South Africa, she has taken the fitness industry by storm.

Associations & Affiliations

We are driven by our family values! This is why we choose to partner and affiliate only with a select few partners. It’s a matter of association.